The delicious variety of Indonesian food that is famous in the world

Rendang is a dish made from processed meat, which is cooked over low heat and is cooked for a very long time. It can take 8-12 hours, the meat to make rendang dishes is processed using various types of spices that exist in our own country, Indonesia, and uses thick coconut milk.

Processed beef rendang is already very well known throughout the world, all Europeans are also familiar with this rendang dish. Rendang is very popular everywhere, because rendang tastes delicious, delicious, and can last for months outdoors, because the cooking process is so long, rendang is cooked to dry so that it can last for a long time.

In ancient times, there were many immigrants from MINANGKABAU who brought this rendang for traveling, sailing and traveling, trading.

And from here rendang became widely known in all corners of the archipelago and the world.
MINANGKABAU cuisine has also been named the most delicious cuisine in the world.
We are proud to be Indonesian people because one of the dishes from our country can become world famous and get an award that is recognized by the world.

Actually, there are various ways to cook rendang, depending on each person’s taste, but the original MINANGKABAU rendang dish is cooked dry and long, while the rendang which is cooked for a while, with a little coconut milk is called kalio cuisine.

In today’s era, it is very rare for people to cook rendang like in MINANGKABAU, most of our people cook kalio because it doesn’t take very long.

Rendang is a mandatory dish that is always present at every celebration, big day events such as Eid, Hajj holidays, and other big events.

According to history, this rendang has also existed in the days of the kingdoms.
In the past, it was often cooked when there were events in the kingdom, so even now rendang is still popular, not eaten nowadays, and is a food that has a high value because it is expensive.
Even so, people never get bored of cooking rendang.

Even though prices have soared, and we are grateful that we are Indonesian people. There is also a big day every year, namely the Feast of Sacrifice or the Feast of Hajj, where residents who are able to all do the qurban to be distributed to the poor, so that all residents buy meat, can participate in eating meat, especially the meat they get. At the qurban event, it can be cooked with various preparations, especially in this delicious and popular rendang.

And the growing era of rendang also already consists of various kinds of preparations such as rendang jengkol, egg rendang, lung rendang and others.
Hopefully my review is useful and adds to your insight.